Save the date

Hierbij 5 uitnodigingen voor activiteiten van NAKS en andere organisaties in de periode 26-30 april. Let ook op de oproep van het IDB voor startende bedrijven op het gebied van de creatieve industrie.

1. Lezing Kaseko tot Paramaribo, 26 april 2017



















2. Uitnodiging Fiti Fu Winti – lezing ”Winti is meer dan religie”, 30 april 2017
De ”Stichting Fiti Fu Wini” is een naar Surinaams recht opgerichte rechtspersoon, die zich onder meer bezig houdt met onderzoek, veredeling en conservering van de Afro- Surinaamse Cultuur en Religie in al haar facetten.

Wij van de stichting nodigen u uit, voor het bijwonen van onze bijeenkomst die gehouden zal worden op:

  • Datum: zondag 30 april 2017
  • Tijd: 11.00-15.00 uur (inloop 10:30 uur)
  • Plaats: Claudetta Toney Multifunctioneel Centrum te Poelepantje.

De titel is: Winti, meer dan een religie.
Inleider: dhr.  Kenrich Cairo

3. NAKS Wan Rutu dans workshop 29 april 









4. Programma 70 jaar NAKS

  • April: Launch NAKS Angisa
  • 29 april: Memre Den, ter nagedachtenis aan de NAKS’ers die ons zijn voorgegaan: aanvang 20.00 uur bij NAKS
  • 4 mei: Officiële opening Centrum Afro Surinaams Cultureel erfgoed / Receptie
  • Juli: Tak Tangi / Banya Prisiri
  • Oktober: Launch NAKS Sranantongo Kalender 2018 met expositie van 12 bijzondere Surinamers en Launch boek over Wilgo Baarn
  • November: Kotodansi /Afsluiting activiteiten en Theaterproductie “Okrobrafu”


5. Uitnodiging Rappa, 26 april: Spoken Word voor Moeders
Wij nodigen u van harte uit bij de introductie van een nieuwe reeks boeken, uitgebracht door uitgeverij Ralicon. Rappa zal u warm maken, want deze boeken zullen op de Made in Suriname beurs, stand #406 te koop zijn. Daarnaast zullen wij nu al starten onze moeders in de bloemetjes te zetten door “Spoken Word” artiesten aan het woord te laten.

  • Datum: woensdag 26 april 2017
  • Inloop: 19:30 uur
  • Tijd: 20:00 uur
  • Plaats: Tori Oso, Frederick Derbystraat.

Zoals gebruikelijk zullen diverse boeken van Surinaamse schrijvers te koop aangeboden worden.

6. Call for the most innovative startups in the creative and cultural industries.

Participants must be over 18 years old as of March 1st, 2017 and be founders or co-founders of the startup. All Latin American and Caribbean startup participants must be citizens of one of the IDB borrowing member countries. South Florida participants, on the other hand, can be from all over the world.
The startup must have at least one year and no more than three years since it began operating and it should be legally registered.
Startups and representatives that have participated in a former Demand Solutions event will not be eligible.
Applications must be registered into the YOUNOODLE platform and filled out in any of the IDB official languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese or French).
The startup must develop its product or solution in one of the following areas of the creative and cultural industries:

  1. DESIGN WITH SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: urban, interior and industrial design. Graphic arts, illustration and toys. Wearable technology, accessibility and cultural identity expression. Co-creation between craftsmen and designers.
  2. SUSTAINABLE FASHION: intelligent clothes, organic clothes, accessories.
  3. MULTIMEDIA TO SAVE THE WORLD: videogames, support media for digital content, virtual reality, 3D printing and interactive audiovisual content.
  4. GASTRONOMY AS AN AGENT OF TRANSFORMATION: recovery of ancestral and native recipes. Fusion cuisine, environmentally minded restaurants and chefs.
  5. STEREOTYPE-FREE MUSIC: cultural and ancestral preservation. Music as an education and language preservation tool.

The startup must have an existing solution or product or a minimum viable product (MVP) tested by users.
The startup must be ready to raise funds to move onto a new expansion or impact level. The startups must also present the following items:

Two letters of recommendation:

  1. One from an outside collaborator or client vouching for the startup work.
  2. One from an organization or institution familiar with the work of the startup and its achievements.

N.B. The letters of recommendation may not be signed by relatives of the founders or co-founders.

A video lasting no more than two minutes. The work team must appear in the video and answer the following questions:

  1. What business opportunity does the startup address?
  2. How have you proven the validity of the product and what is your market?
  3. What is the composition of your team?
  4. What are your growth plans?
  5. Why should your startup be selected?

N.B. The video must answer these questions clearly. If you present a generic video or one that does not answer these specific questions, the applications will be considered incomplete.

Winners must be present at all of the activities, including those conducted online before and after Demand Solutions Miami. Failure to honor this requirement will disqualify the startup. Those chosen will be notified by email.

The deadline for submitting applications is May 4th, 2017 at 5:59 pm (EST), and there will be no extensions.

One representative from each of the selected startups will take part in Demand Solutions Miami so long as the local U.S. consulate grants an entry visa to the representative of the company. The IDB will provide a letter of invitation.

Only one representative from each chosen startup will be invited to participate in Demand Solutions Miami. We recommend that the person applying for the startup – the one who fills out the form and speaks in the video – be the one that the team chooses to represent the startup.

Those selected should be prepared to discuss their ideas in the so-called “pitch by fire” format, in which they will have two minutes to make a presentation to the jury and the general public. They can use slides if they wish so. The participant must focus on the main problem that the startup aims to resolve.

Organizer contact information: