Prisiri Banya, zaterdag 25 juni a.s.

Announcement for a grand performance by NAKS WAN RUTU.
The youth performing group of NAKS, study Afro-Surinamese (traditional/ folk dances) and teach the dances to people who are interested and perform the dances in grand shows.

The NAKS Wan Rutu shows and the dance classes are well received by the Surinamese audience. The group has also performed abroad.

The banya dance is an Afro-Surinamese dance that has been practiced since slavery time. It is still well in function. It is a lively dance that is surrounded by a rich folklore, danced on swinging drum rhythms and accompanied by a rich repertoire of songs.

In 2006 a study on the History of Banya was published by the department of Cultural Studies, with UNESCO fundings.

NAKS Wan RUTU is also paying attention to the status of banya anno 2016.
NAKS Prisiri banya flyer 2016